Commercial Solar Solutions

Our Commercial Solutions: Long term partnership

Are you tired of unreliable and costly energy to run your enterprise?

Put behind your worries because DSG Energy now has the most accessible, reliable and cost-effective solution for your business. Our vastly spread network of commercial clients is already reaping the benefits of our advanced Grid-tied, Hybrid and Off-Grid Solar Solutions. Adding a Solar Power Generating System to your enterprise is a responsible business decision that can quickly minimize your energy costs, save you from the hassles of price hikes and highlight your business as an environment-friendly enterprise.

We at DSG have full in-house capabilities to design and install a solar power system big enough to meet your energy demand, and our turnkey Solar Solutions help businesses lower operation costs, increase profits and decrease their carbon footprint. From empty rooftops to open fields and expansive parking lots, our comprehensive designs cover all types of installations by offering the best PV Modules in the Global Market. We offer the most economical solutions with reliable after-sales services and international warranties. Our qualified professional team can assist you with the complete solar system design, return on investment calculation, and energy conservation & storage.